Seibert, Colorado

When we were nearing Colorado,  we looked for a campground in Colorado to spend the night.  We found this campground in Passport America Campgrounds book  The description sounded very good.  It said:

"Campground offers cable TV, flush toilets, free showers, laundry, hot tub, central modem, public phone, seasonal swimming pool, free bike borrows, and cabin rental.  Only one block away from grocery store, bank, post office, and beauty shop.  Reservations are recommended the first two weeks of July."

So we checked into the Shady Grove Campground the third week in July.  It was early in the afternoon on a weekday, so we thought we could probably get in without a reservation.





There were only two other rigs in the campground of 30 sites.  We had the shadiest site. 






I had some trouble with the "Cable TV" until it was explained to me.  The antenna on the office roof picked up the local stations and fed them through the cable to each site.  There were five local stations.




This was the "seasonal swimming pool".  I can certainly see why it would be seasonal.






The "hot tub" was in this small building.  It was large enough for three people; four if they were very friendly.  As you can see, it is attached to the owners house.  In the lower left part of the picture you can see the "bike borrows".  From the amount of rust on the chains, I don't think anyone has used them this century.






The thriving downtown Seibert, Colorado was indeed only one block away.  The one car you can see is parked in front of the grocery store.




All the bildings on this side of the street were closed and boarded up.  Indeed the four businesses mentioned in the description, grocery store, bank, post office, and beauty shop, were the only businesses still open in the town other than a gas station out on the highway.


This is just my way of poking fun at the hipe one finds in commercial publications.  The description would have you believe you had found the finest, most convenient campground in North America.  In fact, the campground was not bad at all; just not quite up to the fairyland that was promised.  The owner and his wife were very friendly and helpful.