Four Corners


Four Corners is the point where four states, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, meet.  It is the only place in the US where four states touch.  The monument on the site was first established in 1868 by the US Government Surveyors and Astronomers.  It was rebuilt in 1931, 1968, and 1992.  The site itself lies on a Navajo reservation who charge a small fee for admittance.  There are also arts and crafts for sale by Navajo and Hopi craftsmen.  The quality of these items was surprisingly good and the price is not just reasonable but actually cheap.




This is the monument itself.  The structure was built by the Bureau of Land Management in 1992.







Here is Marilee touching all four states at the same time.  This is a significant accomplishment to be in four states at the same time.  It is interesting to walk around the monument and realize that you have hiked through four states and are not even tired.




Here I am doing the same thing.  Anything she can do, I can do better; sometimes.






The Four Corners is well worth a stop.  The admission price is only two or three dollars, the shopping is great, and the site is unique.